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• Fixed Route Bus Stop Announcements: RASA Fourteen years after the ADA was passed and Part 49 CFR Section 37 was issued by the US Department of Transportation, many transit properties still have not made ompliance on stop announcements a high priority. The process of getting all bus operators to do the job, do it consistently, and do it well has been a hard fought battle. Here is a method and the tools to bring your operation into a higher level of compliance with the regulations.

• Commuter Rail boarding platforms have come under scrutiny by the FTA and other advocates for accessibility for person with disabilities. Robert Carlson Consulting has engaged in research into methods to address the ease of boarding by EVERYONE by providing a high-level boarding platform system that is acceptable to rail passengers and the freight railroad users when there is shared track usage. Up to now, the railroads have been resistent to passenger services on shared tracks for two major reasons: 1) schedule conflicts involving possible extended dwell times to board and alight passengers up and down the traincar steps and 2), the proximity of high-level boarding platforms that would comflict with the occasional wide dimension loads. More...

• What is Click here to go to the site where you can express your comments about mass transit services.

Mapping your data is an excellent way to present it to your Consumer Advisory committee, your Board, or just better see the trends in ridership, travel patterns or project the demand resulting from an expansion of service area. To discuss mapping services, call 410-744-9415 or email Maps@Modal Read more about Mapping at this link.

These individuals and companies can bid your entire RFP, team with a prime contractor and provide specialized support, or form an association of several parties to meet your needs. All of the specific contact information is contained in each listing. Contact any one or more listings to discuss a specific project, or e-mail to Teams@ModalChoice.Com

These pages are dedicated to the Rails to Trails initiatives across the nation that are preserving abandoned railroad grades for recreational use by the public. Click for more information.

Imagine being a model railroad enthusiast and having a layout that is 20 miles in length.
Imagine now that the guage scale is 1:1
Now imagine that you can also ride on your railroad.
And you are not alone. Imagine.
Temporary Home of "Stone Cats" and "Petrified Cats"
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"When a person is granted paratransit eligibility, he/she exerts a major influence on the public transportation system for his/her lifetime of transit use. This cost ranges into the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life cycle of her/his paratransit use." Life Cycle Costing of ADA Transit Options

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